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Protein: How much is enough?

10 Aug

Good number of people have asked me about the best portion of protein to take daily, when asking different people they ended up receiving conflicting answers most of the times, today’s post will talk about how much protein I personally take and why.

Being on a low carb diet leaves me with basically two other options; either to increase the fat intake or increase the protein intake to make up for the calorie gap left by lowering my carb intake. Now I know for a fact that I am sensitive to carbs in general, which is basically why I stick to my low-carb diet knowing that other types that I’ve tried did not yield the comparable results.

Choosing between Fat and Protein is no-brainer, I pick Protein for the obvious reasons:

  1. There is 4 calories in 1 gram of Protein compared to the 9 calories in 1 gram of fat.
  2. As I do cardio daily in addition to weight workouts every other day, for that  I could use the extra protein to build my muscles.
  3. Last time I check my kidneys were healthy (thank god) and thus can handle the by-products of low carb diet.
  4. I drink plenty of water by habit, I drink about 6-7 (600 ml) water bottles per day.
  5. I take protein in different forms: ( red meat, white meat, legumes, protein shakes and eggs)

As for the portion of protein needed per day, I follow the old-school bodybuilding measurement of 1 gram per pound of body weight, while not very accurate it gives a good estimation for the moderately active people, especially those involved in bodybuilding.

I did hear concerns from a friend of mine about that portion being “Too High”, especially when considering the RDA suggestion of  0.36 grams per pound of body weight. I believe that the RDA portion is too low and is calculated for a person on a fully balanced diet and who is relatively inactive! The 1 g/lb portion size is my maximum per day limit, I do not go beyond it and I rarely even get close and here is why:

According to the 1 g/lb rule I would need: 74 x 2.2 = 162.8 grams

The easiest and most effective way to get protein (other than the expensive amino-acid pills) is through a Protein Shake, each shake has about 32grams of protein (1.5 scoops), I eat 5 meals per day, and assuming that I would drink a protein shake every single meal this would mean I would get 32 x 5 =160 g. Still below my maximum daily intake, I am of course not crazy enough to drink shakes all day! (keep in mind: each protein shake has about 220 cal while I am allowed to eat 300 cal max per meal)

Many people fear the mention of protein, even more than sugar, it never fail to amaze me to see someone frowning on a person drinking a protein shake while they wouldn’t have a problem with someone drinking a calorie-dense, sugar filled, fat stuffed milk shake or eating ice-cream! Yes, its true.. now I know that too much of a good thing can be bad but its all about knowing how much is really too much, otherwise we will never get enough of anything.

Be it a can of soda or big fat steak, think about how your body will react when you introduce it and you will develop healthier habits.

Back to last night’s progress: The weight workout was intense, I drove my muscles hard but not hard enough as I am still recovering from the flu, I’ll try to make up for it in today’s cardio.

One last piece of advice: Research everything before you attempt it, know why and how things are done and listen to everyone’s point of view, only then can you form your own.

Stay strong and shed hard, the world is watching!

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